A Google Masterclass by Jason Ayers

A Google Masterclass by Jason Ayers

Back by popular demand; a unique opportunity to learn how to increase hits to your website and win more business!


Wednesday 26th July 2017
Cheltenham Film Studios GL51 6PN
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Firstly, we’re sorry it’s taken so long to organise another Google masterclass. After speaking to lots of new and potential customers recently who have all reported a loss in positions, we thought it was about time we put on another session to help you get ahead in Google. There is no doubt about it; the rise of digital marketing has resulted in many changes in the way Google operates. That means it’s more difficult than ever to ensure your business is easily found on the first pages of Google.

MA Design Google Masterclass


The days of stuffing as many keywords into your content as you can find, to push your site to the top of Google, are far behind us; today there are literally hundreds of hoops to jump through and boxes to tick if you want to be top of the shop. But don’t let that put you off. We’ll be covering lots of these in our upcoming Google Masterclass. So, if you’re serious about getting ahead of your competitors and winning more business online, be sure to book your place – and do it fast, the first 10 bookings will be discounted by 50%!

If you are worried that you may be losing out to your digital competitors, or you’re looking for more ways to win business online; whether it be using your website for e-commerce or for marketing purposes only, it’s time to start thinking about your site’s position in Google’s search results listings and the impact it could be having on your business.

We’ll show you what Google is looking for when deciding results, and teach you how to implement strategies that will help to increase hits and visits to your website – giving you the skills needed to grow your online presence and potentially business as a whole.

In the 2 hour masterclass, Jason will be covering:

•    How Google’s search results listings are changing and why.
•    The real search terms/keywords that your potential customers may be using.
•    How Google rates your website.
•    How you can help yourself to boost your website in Google’s listings.
•    What it will take to beat your competitors.
•    An important formula for strategic use of social media.

An exclusive look into what you’ll learn…

There have been so many changes over the last few years with Google and we are always ensured that they are to “improve the user experience”, but we have to ask ourselves exactly whose experience Google is trying to “improve” – the users’, or the stakeholders’? – After all, we all love a good conspiracy theory. We are constantly working to be on the same page as Google for our clients but it doesn’t come easy! This conspiracy focuses on the idea that AdWords and the ongoing changes to Google is part of a huge money-making scheme...

Learn how to optimize your social media…

If you’ve been following our series of social media-related blog posts, you will have already learnt a bit about the world of online marketing and our constant attempt to keep Google happy with high quality content,. In this masterclass, you’ll learn even more about using your social media strategy to maintain a space in the first page of Google’s listings….

If you still need convincing, here  are some testimonials from some of our previous business-minded attendees:

•    "One of my staff went on an MA Design SEO training course years ago and came back buzzing." -John Heasman - Mowers Online

•    "Thank you Jason for your not only interesting but very useful Google masterclass. Your laid-back, lighthearted approach made the mind-boggling subject of Google actually fun! And I have walked away with some absolute golden nuggets of information that I can use in my business day-to-day! Would strongly recommend this class to anyone!" - Sarah Elizabeth - Sarah Elizabeth Bridal Boutique

•    "Jason, thank you for inviting me to your SEO masterclass - you have altered my way of thinking for which I am grateful. The single best piece of advice was to "ask your Mum what she would search for" I did this, used her key phrases, and the results have been phenomenal. It was great to hear decent information from a person as opposed to reading about SEO on the web and not knowing who to listen to.

I found the day informative and easy to understand, and just applying some of the tips and advice you presented has resulted in our best year ever. Our holiday cottages have been fully booked from March to November which has never happened before.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone to take 2hrs out of their day to listen to what MA Design have to say.

Once again thank you." - Paul Hughes

•    "I found this morning's Google Masterclass very informative and the content was delivered in a very engaging way. You clearly have a loyal ‘client following’, which is always reassuring. Many thanks for letting me join you.” - Louise Hooker - Business West - Gloucestershire Chamber of Commerce

•    "I attended a Google Masterclass and found it incredibly useful, it reminded me of some of things I already knew but had forgotten and taught me a lot of new skills, techniques and tips." -Claire Leadbeater - Premiere Products

•    "I attended MA Design's Google Masterclass and found it very useful. It answered a number of questions I had about SEO and how Google works, and helped me to better understand how a well designed website can improve Google rankings. The class was ably presented by Jason and was both interesting and fun! Thoroughly recommended. - John Parry - John Parry Construction

To join these professionals in being ahead of the digital marketing game and to give your business the best chance of success; make sure you come along on the 26th for an interesting and exciting session. Call 01242 220320 or email us now to book your place.

We will hopefully see you there!







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