Concerned Your Website Looks Dated?

If you are worried that your site is not as fresh as it once was, this is a sign that you may be falling behind your competitors. What do your potential customers think when they visit your
website and then compare it to others? What impact is this having on your business? If you think your website looks dated, what will they think? What is it costing
you when people leave your website having not contacted you?

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What Looks 'Dated', Anyway?

Here are a few characteristics that point to a website looking dated:

  • The site isn't easy to view on a mobile device without "pinch and expand" using forefinger and thumb
  • Your target market has changed since you last updated your design and now it’s not relevant to what your business now does
  • It hasn't had an overhaul or redesign in the last 2-3 years
  • There is no CMS on the site - in other words, you are unable to update the website yourself
  • If you need to update your website, even for a quick simple edit, you have to pay and wait for your designer or developer to update it for you (often taking ages to do so!)
  • When you’re honest with yourself, you simply feel that overall the site just looks old? Or maybe you get comments from staff and customers to that effect?
  • There are trendy design elements or techniques used that have ‘trended out’? Wood backgrounds, black backgrounds, etc.
  • Your site is using Flash
  • Your type looks very small
  • You have lots of small or animated images

We Can Transform Your Website

It really is worth a talk to cut through the minefield that is Website Design!