What is RWD or Responsive Web Design?


Quite simply, responsive web design enables a site to automatically adjust and fit correctly on the device that it is being viewed on. Try resizing your browser window now and see how this page changes. Take a look at it on a tablet or smart phone too. What does Google think about the importance of a responsive website?

FACT: If your website is not mobile friendly and using responsive web design, it will have a negative effect on your positions and listings in Google searches. This means a drop in results. Can you really afford this?

Responsive Websites That Deliver

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Every Site is Responsive
Responsive websites are a must for both Google and users. That's why all of our sites are responsive,
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Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

What does responsive design mean to you?

Mobile Friendly

Responsive websites by their very nature are mobile friendly. If your customers or clients view your website on their mobile or tablet they will be presented with a seamless experience.

Google friendly

Google will rank your website better if it is responsive. With the coming together of desktop and mobile searches in Google's algorithm, if your rankings are important to you, you need to go responsive.

Better Retention

Keeping people on your website is vital if you want to get your message across. To do this you need to provide them with the best Mobile experience.

When companies use a responsive web designer to build their site, the site itself is effectively programmed to ‘know’ which platform visitors are using. Whether visitors browse with a PC, tablet, iPad or smartphone, they can detect this and show content accordingly. By using a company that only employ responsive web designers, visitor to your website enjoy the optimum browsing experience. It’s fast, clever and user friendly. Try resizing your browser window now to see how our site reacts. You too can have this. Chances are your competitors may be doing this already - call us on 01242 220320 and see how you can do the same.
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