Website Design & Development

Choosing web design used to be simple; find a web design company, approve a design, add a bit of copy stuffed with keywords and put it up on the web. Unfortunately, 1996 lies far behind us and custom web design has evolved into a highly specialised discipline where the line between success and failure is a fine one, with the success of your online business at stake from the moment you start talking to web design companies. At MA Design, a Cheltenham web design company, we believe in giving the client the best opportunity for there website to reach their expectations.
Sometimes it's easier to talk. For anything website design, why not call us now for a quick chat?

Industry Leading Content Management

Update your website as and when you need to.

Latest Design Styles and Trends

Our Cheltenham web designers are at the forefront of web design trends.

Every Site is Responsive

Responsive websites are a must for both Google and users. That's why all of our sites are responsive,

Any Device, Anywhere

Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

What Do All of Our Websites Have in Common?

Open Source

Don't be fooled by claims that 'bespoke is better'! Open source software means that you are in the driving seat, because if we were to go pop you could find another developer in an afternoon. Open source = Best route!

Content Management

Every website we produce has content management as standard. None of this 'extra fee' to enable or bespoke dev costs. You get an industry leading, constantly evolving platform as standard with all of our websites.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO is our area of expertise. We have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their online potential and key to this is how we build our websites. They are ALL optimized to give you the best results.

Support When You Need It

We don't just launch your website and leave you to it. While you're adjusting and discovering how to use your new website and content management, we are there for you every step of the way.

Pro Project Management

Our aim is to make the transition between your current website and your new website as seamless as possible. Good project management and guidance is the key.

Fully Responsive

Not being mobile friendly is simply not an option in the modern web environment. Every website we produce is fully responsive and optimized for use on all devices.


The battle of creative design with search friendly development is one that has raged for years now. But with the advent of responsive websites and the latest design trends now reflecting a functional bias, these two considerations come together in beautifully functional websites that Google loves! Our designers and SEO specialists work together to ensure you get the right mix of asthetic and result.

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Work Process

You're safe with MA Design. You will be transported through a proven project management process that
ensures the very best end results for you.


Not every web design company talks in layman’s language. Do you know your anti-aliasing from your XML? Why should you? When we work together we’ll turn the most obscure web design and development jargon into plain English and clearly-explained benefits for your business. Forget digital ‘smoke and mirrors’ and ‘blinding with web design science’; every conversation with this web design company will be in the language that you, and we, use every day. We talk straight, but respectfully as we explain web design concepts and options, challenge any preconceptions you have about the web and justify our web design solutions. And of course, if you need web design solutions for non-English-speaking audiences we’ll help with the translation and localisation contacts to make this possible too.

Existing clients trust us for several reasons. One is our proven track record at web designing and everything that goes with it. With a solid background in web solutions, marketing services, search engine optimisation and graphic design we’ve delighted large and small organisations for years. Take a look at our portfolio or ask for references. Both bear out our proven web design service for clients facing similar web challenges to you.

With so much hanging on your web design and development project, we realise it’s a big step to entrust your online future to a web design firm like ours. That’s why we encourage you to talk to us in detail about your requirements and expectations. From affordable web design solutions to elaborate e-commerce sites, engaging web copy and vital link-building, we’re the full package you need.