Learn SEO

You can learn SEO basics in a few hours! If you can think logically about your market, apply a few straightforward techniques and be systematic you can learn SEO principles and improve your website.
Even if you don’t decide to do your own optimisation, ‘knowing how to SEO’ makes it easier to get the best from your web developer or SEO provider.

Learn SEO Basics

Knowledge is power when your website must perform effectively in Google and other search engines. Time invested learning SEO with a reputable
provider will give you the basic tools. Armed with these, you can develop your skills and knowledge further at your own pace.

  • Try SEO

    Try SEO, then decide on DIY or get professional help

    The shelves of bookshops and pages of online booksellers such as Amazon are packed with books on SEO for people who want to teach themselves. And with websites full of advice from experts (and ‘not so experts’) it’s easy for beginners to waste a lot of time learning ineffective or outdated techniques.

    Faced with this mass of knowledge, what could be better than learning key SEO principles from experts who use their knowledge to build search volumes for clients everyday? As well as learning what works in the real world you’ll be able to decide whether DIY SEO is for you, or whether you’d prefer to leave your optimisation to the pros. By then you’ll have the basics of SEO; how to use them is up to you.



      Learning SEO on our courses is also a great way to ‘test the water’ before starting an SEO career. If you’re an aspiring search marketer you’ll get a good taste of real-world optimisation. It might even be the key to a rewarding new career.


      When you learn search engine optimization it’s rather like learning car maintenance. Knowing how to tweak metatags, and what helps your optimisation, is like knowing how to change the spark plugs and oil filter, and knowing what else is under the bonnet. After that, some people will decide to leave it to a garage (the ‘SEO specialist’) while others will try stripping and rebuilding the engine (DIY SEO). Just as understanding car maintenance means you can check that your garage has done it properly, learning SEO basics means you can ensure that your web designer/SEO adviser is doing things right. It’s another of the benefits when you learn SEO.

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