Google Search

Understand Google Search better to help win more business. Google Masterclass - Cheltenham Film Studios. Dates throughout the year - please contact us for more info and to reserve your place. The cost per delegate is £299 - limited early bird tickets £149 (both plus VAT).


We're speaking to many new customers reporting a loss in positions, increased Adwords spend and new competitors entering their search results. We’ve witnessed and heard reports of many big brands coming
up in searches where historically they never used to appear. Ultimately, companies are complaining of a loss in traffic, enquiries/orders and ultimately sales. Is this you? 

MA Design's Google Masterclass provides a unique opportunity to increase hits and visits to your website by understanding what Google is looking for when it visits your website.


The event will be valuable for you if you are someone who:

  • Suspects your competitor’s websites are better than yours and attracting more customers.
  • Has seen a drop in traffic as a result of recent Google updates and is not sure why.
  • Has seen big brand websites enter your search results and is not sure why.
  • Is tired of chasing new business and wants new business to come to you.
  • Recognises to grow your business, you need a great website, but you’re not sure how to get one.
  • Is worried your website may not be generating enough hits/leads/enquiries/sales/conversions.
  • Is frustrated that you are paying somebody to look after your website but not really sure what they are doing for you.
  • Is not sure of how Google works but would like to know.



Search Results
What Google has been up to with changing its search results and the factors it looks for in your website when deciding results.
Google Indexing
How Google rates your website and what you can do to make Google like your website.
What it will take to beat your competitors' websites.
The words people may actually use in Google Searches to find you.


To enquire about upcoming dates or to book your place on one of our Google masterclasses,
please call 01242 220320 or send an email to office@ma-design.biz.