UK Based Linking Services

Fed up of emails and calls (usually from outside of the UK) offering to build links to your website? We're fed up of hearing about them causing problems, so read on for a bit more and see why you should avoid these companies...

Link Building Services That Deliver Highly Visible UK Search Results

Google's Penguin update in April/May 2012 saw lots of companies punished for 'dodgy' linking campaigns, most of which come from using cheap linking companies based outside of the UK. Some companies have folded as a result of being banned from Google's indexes. Are you prepared to risk this? 

Search engines are likely to be the top source for visits to your website, with perhaps 50% - 75% of your visitors arriving through search engines. Our Link Building Services will grow your reputation by delivering high search engine rankings and visibility that your business needs to survive.

Link Building coupled with great content enhances the reputation of your website - You will discover that the pages that rank well in Google (and other search engines) normally offer great content – it’s in Google’s interests to provide interesting relevant content.

Simply put, a website owner needs visits from search engines to do business, and search engines examine your inbound links to assess your website’s reputation. Without a good reputation your website will rarely show up in search results and your business may not even survive on the web. So link building is one of the most essential elements of any website marketing strategy.

In order to get people to link to your site, you also have to be providing valuable content. Great content has to be the foundation of any good site. If your content is poor it is going to be much harder to attract those exceptional links. If you have used our SEO Content Writing services, your content will not be a problem to you.

Once you have great content, Link Building will help you to announce the value of that content to the world. That’s what link building does – it attracts people to your content, whether that be through a link in a search engine or a link on another web page.

Google advises webmasters to value Link Building - Don’t take our word for it – see the quote below taken from Google Webmaster Help Centre

"Links help our crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results. When returning results for a search, Google uses sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important."

It makes sense doesn’t it? We tend to trust the opinion of people who we view as trustworthy. Search Engines have developed a way of doing the same thing by examining the link building strategy used by websites, to work out which websites are to be trusted. If your website has not received important votes or links from other websites, search engines will not be sending it lots of visits.

Our SEO Link Building Service provides a solid foundation for your website - MA Design has seen many clients benefit the most from this activity when a separate budget for link building is implemented. It really is the best way that you can build a solid marketing foundation for the success of your website. We can provide an affordable monthly link building service that is designed to establish and grow your website reputation as quickly as possible.

We do this by bringing your website to the attention of owners of other high quality topical websites and blogs within your subject area and encouraging link building partnerships with them. We guide these other webmasters to use the correct Anchor Text (i.e. containing specific keywords) when link building, so that these links can determine the reputation for what your website ranks for. Google analyses this text and uses it and other factors when deciding the search relevancy of your web pages.

Normally after about 3 to 6 months of doing this there is a rapid response in terms of search engine ranking success as Google re-evaluates your website’s growing authority and reputation as perceived through the link building.

Impressive results from our link building company - Impressive increases in our customers’ Return On Investment (ROI) have been experienced after just 3 months of trying our one-way link building services. In some cases monthly website traffic and in turn revenue, has doubled. The most important fact is that these increases are sustainable, unlike feeding a budget into Google Adwords where the benefits stop completely as soon as the budget stops.

We invite you to call us to discuss your website’s link building requirements. We are here to help you to develop an affordable link building package that will deliver highly visible UK search results for your website.

No two projects are the same. In order to understand what this service means to you and what it is likely to cost, please contact us now on 01242 220320 for a friendly and informative chat.

It really is worth a talk to cut through the minefield that is Website Design!