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Take luck out of the equation and deal in hard facts. The numbers don't lie so lets give you the tools to engineer a successful site.

 Russian Roulette? Don't Gamble the Future of Your Online Business!

The words you choose for important parts of your website matter so much if you want visitors to find your website in search engine searches.

If you guess the words people use to search for your website, you’re gambling with your website traffic (i.e. hits and visitors to your website) so the stakes are very high. Do you really want to take that chance when there's a much easier and more profitable way – keyword research.

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Suppose You Owned a Camping Shop...

Would you guess the best words people use to find tents? You might choose words such as ‘2 berth tents’, ‘4 berth tents’ and so on to group your tents. Although that choice may seem sensible during the website-build stage, our research shows people prefer to use the keyword phrase ‘man’ when they search – not ‘berth’.

If you base your website navigation menu on the wrong foundation (in this case ‘berth’ rather than ‘man’) you’ll miss out greatly. It will be too late to change and you’ll be stuck with words that form a poor match with what people really use in search engines.

Keyword Research: The Foundation For Your Website

The future of your online business depends on your website being built on a strong foundation from the beginning. Keyword research provides the basis for building the strongest possible foundation. Why? Because you can learn which search words people use every day in Google UK for your products or services.

Don't just take our word for it, see what Google say. "Content is King & Keyword Research - Matt Cutts

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SEO services: qualitative and quantitative research support - Clients love how we combine the skills of an experienced web design company and a specialist SEO agency. Our experienced SEO consultants have advised on the performance and structure of hundreds of websites. Consultancy gives you an accurate snapshot of how SEO is working for you (or not). It also provides solid, fact-based foundations for site design or revisions. With so much misunderstanding about SEO, what could be more important than getting the basics right? If you’re like many of our clients you’ll be surprised that a modest additional investment in our affordable SEO services can make such a big long-term difference to your site’s performance. Shouldn’t you give yourself the edge with one or more of the following services before your competitors do?
• Keyword research - underpins other SEO services
• Competitive analysis
• Advice on directory submissions
• Link-building strategies and campaigns

The ‘SEO secret’ you need to know - Not all SEO companies understand this, but If there’s one secret to search engine success, it’s the alignment of all aspects of your website’s structure, content and links to how prospective customers actually search. It’s often very different to how businesses think people search – and the ‘finger in the air’ approach that many an ‘SEO company’ adopts.

As your SEO consultant we’ll consider aspects of your website including these:
• Meta data (including Title and Description tags)
• Links (internal and inbound) and link anchor text
• Site navigation
• Images
• Keyword placement in page content

Professional, affordable SEO services are one of our specialities and provide information that leads all of the above. Like building houses on solid foundations, a fact-based SEO service makes the difference between a good-looking-but-insubstantial website and a stunning site that draws prospective customers – it’s the least you should expect from your SEO consultant in the UK.

First or second-time site? Our SEO services will help you - Whether you’re investing in a new site or taking an existing one to the next level, we can’t overemphasise the importance of getting SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) right from the start. Many companies we have worked with have had their fingers burnt in the past with this type of thing. We provide baseline reports on positioning and show you what we have been doing so you can see what you are getting for your money. No 'pay us £500 a month and we'll see what happens' with us!
• Affordable SEO services for rapid Google results
• Lower long-term SEO cost (it’s easier and cheaper to get it right from the start)
• Peace of mind from knowing your SEO is sound
• The perfect foundation for future SEO activities

It really is worth a talk to cut through the minefield that is Website Design!