Digital Marketing

Although many people believe website marketing is for their IT people, shouldn't sales and marketing professionals be in charge here?
After all, how many IT guys fully understand marketing?

Internet marketing services. For some the term simply means setting up an e-store and selling on the internet. Internet marketing (also called i-marketing,
web-marketing, online marketing or e-marketing) actually involves all aspects of marketing over the internet. stuff. 

The Digital Marketing Mix

When it comes to success online there is no one factor that guarantees success. If someone tells you otherwise run a mile! Some of the things we look at to identify the right mix for you include:



What are they doing and what will it take for you to beat them.



It's not good enough to be number one just for your company name.


Current Mix

What have you done to this point and how is that affecting things?



For most companies a social presence is a vital part of the mix.



Google is the boss online, so we maximise your exposure and ROI.



With marketing, 'content is king' - especially true when it's online.

Why Do Most Companies Need Us?

Far from being able to throw in a couple of key words and a good page description, the World of 'Search' has become a complicated and specialized skill set. Google seems to enjoy regularly changing the goal posts and it is vital that all of your SEO and online marketing is 'white hat' so as not to get penalized. To make sure we are on top of it all we constantly monitor Googles Algorithm updates.

  • Internet Marketing Based on Facts

    Too many businesses take unscientific approaches to online marketing based on guesswork or unsupported assumptions, rather than trusting a successful internet marketing company. We take a different approach, basing our recommendations on research about how your customers use the internet. Experience shows this to be the only foundation for long-term online profitability.

  • An Experienced Web Marketing Partner

    Will you trust ‘gut feel’ for the online marketing strategy that could make or break your business? Or will you trust a friendly, experienced internet marketing services partner that has built a successful business on hard facts, clear speaking and the best possible internet marketing advice for businesses like yours?