Exhibition Stands


Do you exhibit? Out to impress? Then talk to us - we can make a difference.


Creative exhibition stand design takes your brand on the road. Who can help when you want to take your brand to an exhibition, 
trade fair or similar event? MA Design can: some of the exhibition stands we design for:

Trade show stands • Bespoke exhibition stands • Promotional stands • Re-usable exhibition display stands • Portable trade show stand designs

Solid Experience as Exhibition Stand Designers

At MA Design, we combine proven expertise in graphics and exhibition stand design, You get perfect integration and cost benefits: we can demonstrate another of the design skills that's gained us so many friends:

  • All exhibition stand design - from pop-up banners to complete stands
  • Amazing prices - benefit from our relationships with leading stand manufacturers
  • Worry-free stand design - from concept to completion
  • We handle design liason with your exhibition stand contractor
  • Continuity when your brand goes on the road
  • Intelligent design maximises the use of your stand and minimises future updating costs

Why Integrate Exhibition Stand Design With Other Design?

While we can look after your exhibition design as a standalone project, there’s lots in favour of having exhibition stand designers who offer a one-stop design service. Doing so makes it easy to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Continuity of design and branding
  • Cost savings - integrate exhibition stand design with other design work
  • Peace of mind - from our proven track record

More than Just Exhibition Stand Designers...

When we handle your exhibition stands design, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Imagine the convenience and time savings when we design your branding, exhibition stand, printed hand outs and the online marketing that supports your exhibition.

With our proven capability in graphics and creative exhibition stands design, you can count on us for a design that will help you steal the show. Please call 01242 220320 or email us for more information and to discuss your exhibition-stand-design vision.

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