About MA Design

MA Design are based near GCHQ in Cheltenham. We're in a big 'ole building with an old skool revolving door on the main entrance. We're clever design bods, techie types and internet marketing specialists that are all seamlessly coordinated by unparrelleled project management expertise.

We've been in this game for over 15 years and have amassed the experience, knowledge and expertise to realise any project goals. No matter how big or small. If you think that MA Design may be able to help your company, then we probably can.

MA Design Lead the Way ...Today ...

Today, MA Design are pretty darn good at all things web, SEO and digital. Oh, and graphic design and branding. And we can hold our own with Black Adder quotes and drink copulus quantities of tea and coffee.

'If you have a trumpet, play it...'

Google Changes Things ... Constantly 2006 - 2016

From Caffeine to Panda, from Penguin to Pigeon. We've been there and done that with algorithm updates. Robust processes mean MAD has its clients' backs covered. Which can't be said for all agencies.

MAD Gets All Responsive2012

The world was going mobile mad as we knew that mobile versions of sites were becoming dated. Enter RWD. We were one of the first Cheltenham agencies to adopt an 'all websites are responsive' build policy. Finger on the pulse. Ahead of the rest. Always on top. That's where we like to be.

Proven Experts in Our Field2008-2010

How many agencies do you think provided accredited training courses on SEO and Digital Marketing? Pretty much zero apart from us (in association with Gloucestershire College). We helped people from all over the county understand Google in a way they never had before. Oh, and we flourished in economically challenging times.

Digital Expertise Starts to Flourish 2006

Print and 'traditional' marketing soon became shadowed as the world of online marketing took over - fast. Through the hiring of highly skilled devs and techies and a wealth of 'self teach', the MAD gang became a more focused agency specialising in all things web and digital. So much so, we started to train others in the ways of SEO.

The Birth of MA Design ... Sometime in 2001

In 2001 our two founders Chris and Jason started MA Design after a number of years in the advertising and design industries. Growing personal clients meant that the day jobs for both had to go. A keen interest in all things digital meant the new venture took shape quickly as the interweb exploded.

See what we've done for others and drop us a line if you like what you see