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Success in 'search' reaches far beyond simple SEO in the modern environment. It is a full time job just keeping on top of google's changing search requirements.



Build a website ... sales flood in. If only it was that simple. The first step is to professionally design a responsive website, then build it using the best software.



“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos,
Founder of Amazon.
How so?



The bottom line is that the right mix of activity WILL end in results. Benchmark, track, measure then act. This is especailly true with digital marketing.



It's a cold, dark, lonely place in those search rankings...

But we have a spotlight! 75+% of what you hear, people pitch you or telesales reps would have you believe is probably false!
Don't fall for their BS ... we are keynote speakers on the topic of search, so really know our onions.


Examples of our work

Professional Web design + Cheltenham Agency = success online for YOU

Allcooper Group
Fairview Financial
Cedars Health and Beauty
Coacha Software


Heather Resource Management Ltd


Mowers Online



  • “My biggest concern when I was choosing a new company to work for us was that I didn’t want to select one who could talk the talk, but then not walk the walk. These guys walk an excellent walk! The whole team at MAD really know their stuff. Chris (the Oracle/Guru) always delivers even when I don’t really always know what I want in the first place... He always pulls it out of the bag. On top of that, we’ve never done so well in Google. Thanks guys!" 
    Ryan Hill - Director, PFT Central
  • “Throughout the whole process of designing, building and launching the site, Jason and his team were excellent and what I had been dreading on the day our new site went live became a good, fun day. All our members have had only positive comments to make. Thank you." 
    Mark Smith - Company Secretary, Gloucestershire Independent Dentists
  • “When our business was in real need of an online marketing upgrade, MA Design was there to guide us through the process from start to finish. It was a real eye opener for the management team as to the intricacies involved in the whole process, and it was the expertise by the MA Design team that provided us with the understanding, support and direction in order for us to achieve our strategic goals. In addition to the technical advice and guidance provided, the MA Design team simply took the time to understand us as business owners and then our business objectives, they have been a joy to work with and we look forward to many more collaborations in the years ahead!" 
    Chris Davies - Managing Director, MCN Associates
  • “At HRML we view our Web Site as an essential ‘front door’ for potential clients and others researching the services and skills we as a company offer, so it is key that it is designed with the latest technology and graphics. We have been working with MA Design for a number of years now and from the number of unsolicited comments from those who have gone on-line to assess our company, we are confident that we have a top level Web Site which is crucial for promoting HRML."  
    Ian Heather - Director, HRML
  • “One of my staff went on an MA Design SEO training course years ago and came back buzzing. We ended up commissioning MAD to do our first big web project will full SEO – the works. Haven’t looked back. Even with Google changing the game a few years ago Amos, Chris, Neil and Jason really pulled it out of the bag. They really are an integral part of my business, even fighting and warding off recent hacking attempts." 
    John Heasman - Director, Mowers Online
  • “Jason, Chris and the team have been fun to work with over the years, understanding our business and it's unique needs. They have helped us produce a visually pleasing, modern and appropriate web site. Thanks guys."
    Daryl Tyler - Director, Tyler Crown & Bridge
  • “We had a white elephant of a tent, the Outwell Coastal Road awning. We sold only one in the whole year. We’ve sold 4 in the last 2 weeks online. And you know I bet you we could never sell a trailer tent online? Well, we sold one last week! What more can I say apart from keep up the good work?!
    Heather Attwooll - Director, Attwoolls Camping

Over the last 17 years we have worked with some of the brightest companies in the region.

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We have over 80 years combined experience in design, development, SEO and marketing

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Made per year ... at a guess.




A Little More Information ...

A Gloucestershire (UK) Web Design Company. If any of the above resonate with you then perhaps a new website or integrated website design solution is something to consider? Organisations like yours look for more than just web designers providing a simple website design package. Integration of all of your digital energy is essential to ensure the best return possible. The design of your online strategy as well as the design of an effective website often go hand in hand. Strategy and affordable web design are often viewed in isolation, but good website design packages should take more than just the website itself in to account.

Most people feel that they could do with better results from their search engine marketing. Often businesses owners are frustrated at seeing their competitors ahead of them for their main keywords and turn to their web people for answers. However, often they don’t have the answers as they are not on top of their internet marketing practices. Not getting the best from search engine marketing providers results in lost positions in search engines, fewer hits, fewer enquiries and ultimately fewer sales. Better online marketing solutions are often needed and a strategic rethink is often called for as it’s not just about SEO anymore. SEO has changed beyond recognition in recent times as search engines change their ways and many people are left behind. Mention Penguin and Panda and a lot of companies shiver. Website owners, and their designers. Moving to a company that understands internet marketing (UK and international) fully is usually the first step to improvement. Search engines never sit still. As such your internet marketing needs to be ahead of the game. Online marketing solutions will always rely on an understanding of the basics such as the best keywords and phrases to use, but internet marketing (UK and globally) has evolved. Have you kept up with them?

Any website design solutions you consider should have a robust content management system that is easy for you (and your staff) to use. There are lots of complex cms websites with complex options, but taking time to get the features you need is important. Design a brief that enables this. Using a website content management system that is intuitive to use will save lots of time and training, and ensure people can edit your site easily. You don’t want to have your people spending ages with the design people trying to understand complex content management systems (CMS) that don’t even have a spell checker. Would you work with a design team that write on their own site ‘our website design packages’ (yes, that’s how it was spelt ‘our wesite design packages’!) ‘...uses the best content management system money can buy’. Really? Essentially, if you design a good brief, work with a reputable design specialist and look for website design solutions that you actually need, not what people are simply trying to sell you, then you can’t go wrong.

With ecommerce website design all too often business people can underestimate how important it is to get the right software. If you sell only a few dozen products, a different type of ecommerce cms will most likely be needed to a site that is selling thousands and thousands of products. There are some business ecommerce solution providers out there that will try and oversell you software that is simply way too powerful for your needs. Likewise, the reverse is true. If you’re selling many hundreds of products, low cost entry level ecommerce cms is probably not best for you. If your site falls down (as often happens with free or very cheap ecommerce website design packages, you could face losing a lot of money in lost sales from your site. Check this out thoroughly. With an ecommerce website design, software employed and the people you work with all need to be right. As you have so much at stake can you really afford to get this wrong?

Practical design concepts. Any business looking to develop a strong web presence need three main components in their plans. Quality design, robust development and a strong partnership with their web designers. Whether based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Bristol or beyond, a comprehensive website design package is critical to the online success of any business.