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What is Responsive Design?

Quite simply, responsive web design enables a site to automatically adjust and fit correctly on the device that it is being viewed on. Try resizing your browser window now, and see how this page changes. Take a look at it on a tablet or smart phone too.

Test your site!
Free Google Tool – Test your site Google have their own tool that will tell you if they think your website is compatible with mobile devices as well as normal computers. You can test yours now

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The Benefits ...

No surprise then, that, as a responsive web designer, we’ve embraced this technology. Responsive web design examples all share the following benefits:

• One URL (the website address thing at the top) makes it easier for users to interact with you and avoids technical behind the scenes problems (such as canonical URL issues and problematic redirects to get technical with you web savvy people out there).
• Single URLs mean Google's link algorithms work better (more technical stuff).
• Sharing web addresses is easier (not too technical).
• Having one URL and the same code makes it easier for Google to crawl your site (a bit technical).

Put simply, responsive design with a single site-URL gives sites that are displayed legibly at any screen resolution, are viewable on any device, and never show horizontal scrollbars. The result is friendlier for your site visitors and Google. And there’s more…