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Mobile Website Design

Mobile browsing will soon overtake desktop-based web access. Like us, you’ve probably noticed the widening range of devices and browsers available to Internet users. Our new generation of mobile website design helps your website cater for these different platforms while improving SEO and maximising website load speed.

Mobile website design just gets more important

Until recently, mobile web design usually involved several different websites to cater for different devices. Separating mobile web design from desktop PC design was fine when mobile phones were in their infancy. Suddenly, the rise of the iPhone and iPad (other brands are available!) has given the advantages of a write-once-read-many-times approach to web development new urgency.

We’ve always done ‘mobile websites’

We’ve been designing websites for mobile devices for years – our sites already work on phones and tablets. Our latest mobile designs, using responsive design techniques, simply take designing mobile websites a stage further. And you benefit. For a start, the today’s device-reactive websites are more SEO friendly. That’s official since Google publicly endorsed such sites. Their new responsiveness also ensures better user experiences for your visitors – no matter what platform they use. That’s good, because usability supports popularity.

The Holy Grail of mobile site design

There are other benefits too. As well as achieving the Holy Grail of mobile site design – happy visitors – your site will be faster and easier to maintain. That’s because the latest techniques available to a mobile website designer mean you only need one site. Imagine the time and cost savings compared to maintaining several versions of the same website.

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