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Who's looking at your site and where are they coming from?

‘If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.’ This well-used management adage applies equally to the performance of your website and internet marketing. Only by generating useful performance data with web analytics can you understand how your site is performing and plan further actions to make it more successful in future. Website analysis is power in the battle for online success; we’ll help you harness that power.

Hard facts from analysis

At MA Design, we base our recommendations on hard facts. And to prove the effectiveness of our proposals, we put great store in the website statistics (also known as ‘web stats’ and ‘web site analysis’) that reveal how visitors find your site, how your campaigns are progressing and how visitors use your site.

Different types of web analytics - Web analytics consists of off-site and on-site web analytics. The former refers to web measurement and analysis regardless of whether the site is yours or a competitor’s. This includes measuring website audiences and visibility when planning your web presence or the development of your online marketing.

On the other hand, on-site analytics deal with visitors’ experiences of your website and their journey through landing pages to their decision to contact you or buy online. These analytics are usually compared with identified key performance indicators to help you improve your internet marketing.

Improve your business ROI with Google Analytics - Google makes it easy to put powerful website analytics on your website. But for many site owners, making sense of the resulting web stats is a time-consuming and often bewildering task. Fortunately, our Google Analytics consultant will help you maximise the value of those web statistics.

Web analytics can also help you reassess and reallocate budgets for improved business return on investment. We see it happen time after time with web analytics, as well as full response monitoring of email marketing. When every penny must count, where else can you so accurately see how budgets are working for you?

Simplifying web analytics - As well as basing recommendations on hard facts, we avoid jargon and communicate in plain English. This applies whether we’re undertaking initial competitive analysis, discussing site structure, or helping you interpret web stats. Do you feel intimidated by terms such as packet sniffing or click analytics? We’ll demystify website statistics and explain what they mean for you.

Are you unsure whether your current web firm is performing as it should?
Getting the web analytics you need?
Are your website visitors the ones you want?
Is your site optimised properly?
Are you converting as many visitors as you should?

Web analytics companies know how to analyse website stats to answer these and other important questions. Could web analytics work harder for you? If so, please contact us to learn more about the commercial benefits of our web analytics consulting service.

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