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Learn who your competitors are online. Bet Wikipedia are one...

Systematic competitor analysis supports successful internet marketing. It’s very different to traditional market intelligence – a thorough investigation of how customers use search engines to find you can make the difference between just doing okay on the web, and making your own small fortune.

Whats included

We analyse actual web searches to get data direct from Google and other search engines. This gives us the hard facts that are essential for your online success.

Competitive analysis typically includes the following:
• Volume and type of keyword searches  • Strength of competition • Tactics required to win market share • Conclusions and recommendations

Pro Tip

{ Pro Tip: be wary of any SEO Company simply asking you for a list of searches that you think people would make to find your product/service. This provides a convenient get-out for them – we’ll always do our own research and work with you to figure out exactly which search terms matter (and prove it with facts). }

The benefits of thorough competitor analysis - Compared to other website elements, competitor research by skilled SEO professionals adds relatively little cost to projects. The benefits of competitive intelligence, however, are numerous:

Performance – competitor analysis supports successful websites
Peace of mind – your site built on quantifiable foundations
Cost saving – right-first-time avoids later re-engineering
We often see organisations making incorrect assumptions about online competition. This leads to flawed decisions about keywords and internet marketing. It’s easy to do when you’re close to your business – and easy to avoid with an objective SEO consultant and competitive intelligence services.
Simplifying accurate competitive analysis - We make it easy to get competitor information that tells you how potential customers use search engines. Understanding high-level, medium-level and detailed searches gives vital insight into your website’s search environment. Then there’s keyword research to reveal how customers phrase their searches. Clients are often amazed by the different search volume between very similar terms. Why settle for a hundred searches each month when market intelligence reveals a nearly-identical term delivering thousands?

Ask about our ‘man versus berth’ scenario – you’ll be amazed what we discovered!

With so many factors determining your online profile, competitor website analysis is vital to identify online competitors and their strengths. Only with such competitive intelligence can we design optimum strategy and tactics for your business – usually starting with the ‘big three’ that determine successful websites:

• Quality and number of inbound links
• Structure and number of internal links
• Page quantity and quality of text

Why you shouldn’t skimp on competitor intelligence - Particularly in competitive search environments, skimping on competition analysis can limit the effectiveness of websites from day one. Poorly designed sites often need later re-engineering when they don’t perform to expectations; this is costly and time consuming. Much better to base design, development and optimisation on hard facts from the start. Imagine the long-term rewards and peace of mind from knowing your website and strategies are built on solid empirical foundations.
Solid performance from competitive market intelligence - From our experience, skimping on competitors analysis only leads to higher costs and disappointment. Please call us today to learn more about how competitor analysis and keyword research could transform your website.

This is quite possibly the most important piece of Google related work you can do to your website.

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