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Adwords Management from MA Design 

Many website owners have experimented with Adwords management, either on their own initiative or through an internet marketing agency. Whilst using Adwords to help get visitors to your site has its place in your marketing toolbox, even the most experienced Adwords experts will eventually admit that nothing beats well-designed organic (not paid for) search results.

The Benefits?
The widely publicised benefits of Google Adwords campaign management include the following:

   • No minimum buy with Google Adwords management
   • Easy and fast creation
   • Almost immediate implementation
   • Pay only for clicks
   • Bid for placement
   • Set maximum daily cost
   • Stop/pause Adwords help at any time

Attractive as these may seem, and whether you’re your own Google Adwords manager or use an Adwords agency, always remember the ongoing cost of Adwords. And of course, you only enjoy the benefits as long as you keep paying. That’s why planned transition from reliance on Google Adwords Management to organic SEO can mean big savings for website owners. What’s more, some experts also maintain that organic results have greater credibility and trustworthiness when they appear on Google’s SERPs pages.

Getting the most from Adwords - If competitive analysis suggests that Adwords management has a place in your online marketing, we can of course offer the services of a highly experienced Google Adwords professional. The benefits for you include these:

Free up your time for other business activities
Benefit from the specialist skills that only an Adwords expert can offer
Maximise the effectiveness of your campaign
Integrate Adwords management with other internet marketing
[Please ask about the services of our Google Adwords consultant.]
Count on us for Adwords help - Many clients come to us with Google Adwords management in place and are delighted when we help them make the transition to organic search results. With professional advice, it’s often possible to switch Adwords budgets into organic search. When these have developed, you may be able to reallocate the budget to other projects – while your site keeps performing organically.

Are you disillusioned with your Adwords management? Are Adwords taking up too much of your precious time? Have you been thinking about appointing an independent Google Adwords company? If any of these apply to you, you really need to speak to us. See how our Google Adwords consultant can make Adwords management more rewarding for you – or replace it with those precious and more trusted organic search results.

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