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Corporate branding helps people recognise you!

‘Corporate branding’ and ‘company branding’ suggest branding for large multinationals. Of course, corporate branding principles also apply to small businesses. Regardless of your size, effective branding matters; successful branding companies should differentiate you amidst the noise of competitive marketplaces. Will your brand stand out or get lost? As your branding partner, our skill, creativity and track-record are the keys to being noticed and remembered.

Key Elements

As any branding agency knows, great brands need more than just a smart logo. For large companies or small business branding alike, here are the elements underpinning our successful branding projects:

Positioning – a powerful core idea inspires confidence.
A powerful tagline – eliciting the right response.
Personality – expressing your brand in engaging, authentic ways.
Brand promise –  corporate branding conveys clear benefits.
A great name – your brand’s most valuable asset?
Logo design –  a memorable anchor for your visual identity.
Colour –  a powerful differentiator.
Messaging –  your unique voice.
Imagery –  the key to visual understanding of your brand.

The benefit of strong branding in marketing

Whether you regard us as your branding agency or a branding partner, these are the elements that go into the branding you’ve always dreamed of. And while the most effective company branding integrates all the elements, we can also work on individual components. The benefits? Effective solutions based on branding strategies that we’re sure many larger branding agencies would be proud of – and our special brand of client service.

Building a brand from scratch or re-energising an existing brand? Either way, we’ve got a brand solution for you. You may be surprised how reasonably priced a brand makeover can be too– particularly compared to large branding agency fees. Shouldn’t powerful corporate branding be working for you? For more info please contact us on the number above for the chat that could transform how the world sees your brand!

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