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Well hello and thanks for checking out the the MA Design Blog. In these pages we share some insider info with you, discuss hot topics of the day, and generally have a little rant here and there. Nothing too technical, although we do try and explain some quite techie info but in easy to understand plain English speak.

A Funny Little Tale
Now, a little rude-ish possibly, but this one made me laugh!

Google Web Master Tools & Redirects
A little info on Google Web Master Tools & Redirects. Every little helps...

Selling Tickets Online
Ha ha - blog posts are like buses sometimes. None for ages then a handful come along at once! Just been writing an email about selling tickets online ... joked I should write a blog post about...so have!

Writing Copy for Websites
When writing content to go on the web, there are many different approaches and guide lines. Here's a quick heads up on an approach you may want to adopt...

Basic SEO Checksheet
There really are lots and lots and lots and lots of things you should consider whilst setting up and working on your website. On this post I am throwing out there some of the most simple things we should be doing when we set our websites up. And really those things we should be mindful of when editing the site on an on going basis...

Websites – A personal overview
For the past fortnight, I have spent some time looking through different websites to find business information to update our database. Whilst doing so, I came across few things, some sites that could improve as well as sites that surprised me.

Joke of the day 080714
A few I meant to publish a while ago...

Spam emails
Again, it's been a while since my last blog post. Sorry. Practice what you preach Mr Ayers. Here's a quickie that may resonate with you...

Another Panda Update?
It looks like Google have been at it again. This time the Panda algorithm gets an update.

Jokes of the Day - 280314
Whoops - been a while again with latest blog post. Got a few nice thoughts on the way all web related, however, it's Friday so I thought we could do with a few funnies...try these on for size...