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Well hello and thanks for checking out the the MA Design Blog. In these pages we share some insider info with you, discuss hot topics of the day, and generally have a little rant here and there. Nothing too technical, although we do try and explain some quite techie info but in easy to understand plain English speak.

'(Not provided)' in Google Analytics
Google Analytics was once a fantastic tool that could be used by website owners to collect valuable information about their site’s performance in organic search. Though this information is still accessible, it now means very little to website owners as a high percentage of web traffic is displayed as ‘(not provided)’ - but what does this mean?

Find out whether you need a responsive website with Google Analytics
As mentioned many times before, Google has now announced that it will be penalising any website that it considers to be non mobile-friendly. But the truth is, not all businesses will benefit significantly from utilising responsive web design. If you decide not to optimise your website for mobile usage, this should be a decision made based upon legitimate evidence from proper analysis of your website - this is something you can easily do using Google Analytics, so we're going to show you how.

Google Adwords; the conspiracy
There’s no denying Google’s been pretty busy recently, what with its endeavour to “improve the user experience” through on-going interface makeovers and notoriously secretive algorithm updates. My question is; whose experience exactly is Google trying to “improve” - the users’, or the stakeholders’? One thing’s for sure; webmasters (website owners like you or I) may not be seeing much of the benefit as perhaps we could do…

The basics of writing a press release
Writing and releasing a press release can help your business gain valuable PR; think of a press release as your ticket to publicity, something that can create opportunities for coverage in publications or even on radio or TV stations. If you've never written a press release before, have a read of this post for advice on where to start.

Top 3 Google Analytics reports
If you’ve been following along with our recent series of Google Analytics-related blog posts, we hope by now you will have set up a Google Analytics account and pasted in your tracking codes. If you have and you’ve waited a couple of weeks to allow some data to collect, now’s a good time to learn a bit about some of the reports you can access through Google Analytics.

A beginner's guide to understanding Google Analytics
If you’ve been following along with our recent series of Google Analytics-related blog posts, we hope by now you will have set up a Google Analytics account and pasted in your tracking codes. If you have and you’ve waited a couple of weeks to allow some data to collect, now’s a good time to learn a bit about some of the basic metrics used in Google Analytics.

5 'black hat' SEO tactics to avoid!
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a marketing discipline focused on increasing visibility in organic search engine results. Some website owners do this is using ‘black hat’ techniques; aggressive SEO strategies and tactics that only focus on search engines and not on a human audience. These tactics are usually used by those who are looking for a quick financial return on their websites, but typically end up doing their website more harm than good...

Organic V paid searches
When a search engine returns its results, it’ll provide you with two types; organic and paid. The typical web user might not realise they are looking at apples and oranges when they get their search results, but knowing the difference enables the searcher to make a more informed decision about the relevancy of a result before they click through. Unfortunately for you website owners, this means you are facing even more competition when it comes to optimising your website for search...

How to paste your Google Analytics tracking code into your website
In order for Google to be able to start collecting information about the visitors to your website, you will need to paste the analytics tracking codes into each page that you wish to track. we’re going to show you where you can find it and how to paste it into your website.

Design trend predictions for 2016
In the dynamic world of web design, new concepts, tools and techniques are constantly being developed. As with many other industries, this is one that is far from static, and norms are challenged to introduce new and innovative design styles all the time. If you're thinking of building a new website in 2016, we suggest you read on for some design ideas and inspiration that will help you to stay ahead of the curve.


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