Web Design & Digital Marketing is our area of true expertise

We help businesses realize their digital marketing goals.

Where are we?

Situated near the M5 and GCHQ in Cheltenham, MA DESIGN have been providing print, design and marketing service to Gloucestershire businesses for over a decade. In this time we have designed, trained, marketed, consulted, optimised and advised on all manner of design and marketing projects. And consumed lots of tea and coffee in the process.

What can we achieve?

We offer website design, graphic design, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), logo design, marketing (both e-marketing and traditional marketing), print of all shapes and sizes (business cards, brochures, show stands, posters to name but a few), press releases and media management, event management, training (DIY SEO) and even photography. Think that covers it all...

   The who's who!  


(Founder, SEO & Tea Boy)

Jason is your first point of call for all things MA Design. As one of the Founders of our wonderful company he is now 'the man with the plan', your go to guy for identifying your requirements and helping you realise them within your budget. And he teaches SEO. And can design a bit too.


(Founder, Designer Type)

Co-founder Chris is the creative type! He comes up with ideas, manages projects and gets things moving. A designer at heart Chris is also very knowledgeable in all areas of marketing, be it websites, advertising or his personal fave, branding.


(Google Guru)

Neil has worked with us here at MA Design for the past 4 years. He is, putting it simply, a genius when it comes to Google. Constantly keeping on top of what Google is thinking and doing, he has his finger on the pulse. Good for us, good for our clients.



(Developer Extraordinaire)

Amos is our techy guy. Code is his trade and he knows his trade very well indeed. Equally at home working with PHP, ASP, HTML5 etc he is the man to talk to when you have something bespoke, unique or tricky to achieve with your website. We have yet to find something he can't do!

Where are we?

MA Design

Cheltenham Film Studios

Hatherley Lane,

Cheltenham, GL51 6PN