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We help businesses realize their digital marketing goals.

Think your website design looks dated?

It’s time for a fresh look. After all it’s been a few years since your last web design. What does this say about your business?

Your site doesn't work well on mobiles?

Then you need a responsive website. No more pinching and zooming. Just a better experience all round on mobile, tablet and PC.

Keen to avoid costly mistakes when reviewing your website?

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Your current providers disappointing?

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Search Engines

Clarifying the world of search

Most people feel that they could do with better results from their search engine marketing. Often businesses owners are frustrated at seeing their competitors ahead of them for their main keywords and turn to their web people for answers. However, often they don’t have the answers as they are not on top of their internet marketing practices.

Not getting the best from search engine marketing providers results in lost positions in search engines, fewer hits, fewer enquiries and ultimately fewer sales. Better online marketing solutions are often needed and a strategic rethink is often called for as it’s not just about SEO anymore. SEO has changed beyond recognition in recent times as search engines change their ways and many people are left behind. Mention Penguin and Panda and a lot of companies shiver. Website owners, and their designers. Moving to a company that understands internet marketing (UK and international) fully is usually the first step to improvement.

Search engines never sit still. As such your internet marketing needs to be ahead of the game. Online marketing solutions will always rely on an understanding of the basics such as the best keywords and phrases to use, but internet marketing (UK and globally) has evolved. Have you kept up with them?

Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Any website design solutions you consider should have a robust content management system that is easy for you (and your staff) to use. There are lots of complex cms websites with complex options, but taking time to get the features you need is important. Design a brief that enables this. Using a website content management system that is intuitive to use will save lots of time and training, and ensure people can edit your site easily. You don’t want to have your people spending ages with the design people trying to understand complex content management systems (CMS) that don’t even have a spell checker. Would you work with a design team that write on their own site ‘our wesite design packages’ (yes, that’s how it was spelt ‘our wesite design packages’!) ‘...uses the best content management system money can buy’. Really?

Essentially, if you design a good brief, work with a reputable design specialist and look for website design solutions that you actually need, not what people are simply trying to sell you, then you can’t go wrong.

Working over seas?

Overseas Web Design Solutions?

Ever tried off shoring website work? Many people have, and most people we’ve spoken to have had problems. Correctly managed and with the right suppliers it can work. But not always. Design using this process can be especially problematic. If you go this route – be careful. Using a UK web design company can result in affordable web design without compromising your online reputation. This is not always possible when off shoring services.


eCommerce Solutions

With ecommerce website design all too often business people can underestimate how important it is to get the right software. If you sell only a few dozen products, a different type of ecommerce cms will most likely be needed to a site that is selling thousands and thousands of products. There are some business ecommerce solution providers out there that will try and oversell you software that is simply way too powerful for your needs.

Likewise, the reverse is true. If you’re selling many hundreds of products, low cost entry level ecommerce cms is probably not best for you. If your site falls down (as often happens with free or very cheap ecommerce website design packages, you could face losing a lot of money in lost sales from your site.

Check this out thoroughly. With an ecommerce website design, software employed and the people you work with all need to be right. As you have so much at stake can you really afford to get this wrong?

Design that works

Practical design concepts

Any business looking to develop a strong web presence need three main components in their plans. Quality design, robust development and a strong partnership with their web designers. Whether based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Bristol or beyond, a comprehensive website design package is critical to the online success of any business.

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